When Should You Schedule Your Contractor to Install Barn Doors?

When Should You Schedule Your Contractor to Install Barn Doors?

Whether you have selected a frosted glass barn door or a more contemporary mirrored barn door, it’s only with professional assistance that you will be able to give your entryway a settled and charming finish. Even if you have chosen the correct type of door for your entrance, you might want to consider or reevaluate a few things before calling your contractor to install barn doors.

In this article, we have compiled a list of things you should know before getting professional help to make your installation experience less challenging and more fun. So, let’s begin!

When to Schedule Your Contractor for Barn Door Installation?

You must consider a few things before contacting your contractor for barn door installation, one of the most important of which includes checking the hardware kit to ensure it contains all accessories required to mount the track. Due to the small size of these accessories, there is a chance that you might receive an incomplete kit with an insufficient number of lag bolts, spacers, and washers. This will ultimately make its installation impossible because without these necessary tools, your contractor wouldn’t be able to fix the door.

Hence, as soon as the door is shipped to your home, go through the hardware kit and check whether all nuts and bolts are available. If the kit is complete, it’s best to call your contractor. Otherwise, you can contact the seller and ask for delivery of the remaining pieces.

Three questions to ask yourself before getting your first barn door

Here are three other things you might need to ponder over before getting in touch with your contractor:

Do you have the right amount of space?

Most people often overlook the fact that for a new barn door to operate smoothly, it needs the right amount of space. Although a barn door can conserve space compared to the traditional swinging door, it still requires some room for its slide-and-shut operation. Therefore, whichever room you are installing the door in, make sure the wall space of that room is at least comparable to the width of the door, if not more. Also, you would want to make sure that the wall has no light switches and outlets that might hinder its opening and closing function.

Confused about measuring barn doors? Have a look at this article.

Is the door hardware durable?

Since you are aiming to make your doorway a functional focal point in your home, you should consider investing in quality hardware that is durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of everyday use. Some of the best features of quality hardware are that it is durable and cost-effective. Even if it costs a slighter higher than most hardware in the market, it will be worth the investment in the long run as it will add character to the door.

Since the barn door hardware is crucial for its seamless operation, you must be aware of the accessories that come in a hardware kit. Also, when rummaging through hardware kits, always check their strength and quality. Moreover, keep in mind that the hardware depends on the door type. For example, glass or metal bearing and multi-functional and solid core barn doors will require a strong and heavy metal hardware kit as compared to standard wooden barn doors.

Additionally, all hardware installed should be of the same design and color to make the interior look more tidy and synchronized.

Generally, the barn door track system includes door tracks and rollers. However, most doors come with a complete hardware kit that carries the following accessories:

Track: It’s the primary component that is mounted above the door opening or a backer board. It helps in suspending and sliding the door. The track measurement varies according to consumer demand, but it needs to be at least twice the width of the entryway.

Rollers: These are either installed on the door track or the metal straps on the barn door and help in sliding the door across the track. You will get two options for rollers: side mount and top mount. In the first type of mount system, the rollers are affixed to the side of the door with metal hooks. However, in the latter, the rollers are attached to the top of the barn door. Hence, if you want to create a visually appealing entryway where the rollers don’t impede the doorway design, we recommend you go for a top mount system, as the rollers are less visible after installation.

Stop: It is connected to both the ends of the track to secure the hanger and to keep the rollers from sliding off the track.

Guide: It balances the door, thus preventing it from hitting the wall or the floor. It is installed either on the floor or on the wall.

Hanger: Rollers and the door are attached to the hanger, which allows them to function correctly. As the roller is mounted on the track via the hanger, the hanger contributes to the smooth sliding function of the door. It is either installed in front or above the door and comes in multiple styles and finishes.

Jump lock: Available in metallic and rubber materials, a jump lock is a square or round lock installed on the top of the door, preventing the door from sliding off the track.

Additional components like door handles, privacy locks, and faux hinge straps can also be installed depending upon the placement of the door. You can consider buying teardrop and pocket door locks for extra privacy.

Is the door environmentally friendly and safe?

While the door design and color are essential for adding a subtle touch of modernity to any space, investing in an environmentally friendly one is equally important. Unfortunately, most buyers fail to buy doors that are safe for the children, or they are unaware of the toxic compounds that these doors contain.

For example, many barn doors feature a formaldehyde finish, a pungent, colorless solution whose continuous exposure is linked to lung and skin diseases, even in adults. Therefore, it’s indispensable to consider doors that are formaldehyde-free and safe for little buddies in the home. Luckily, barndoors.forsale offers barn doors that are free from toxic substances and are both affordable and sturdy. 

In addition to toxins, you must take the door weight into account. As barn doors often slide on wheels, they pose some risk of accidentally sliding off the track. Hence, heavy doors might not be the right choice for you, especially if you have boisterous kids roaming around the house. Luckily for our customers, all our barn doors come with rail kits equipped with stoppers so the doors never fall off their track. So, rest assured that this safety concern is already taken care of by us.

Final Words

As you now know the ins and outs of barn door hardware and prerequisites, its placement could be a DIY project. Nonetheless, we suggest you seek professional help for accurate, neat, and quick installation. Obviously, you don’t want to get frustrated in the process of remodeling your house.

However, keep in mind that the barn door could only be installed with the necessary accessories around. So, even if you have bought a chic barn door, it’s better to get in touch with your contractor when all essential parts arrive. This will cut the hassle and give you enough time to visually experiment with the barn door placement in different rooms.