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What to know before instaling a barn door

What to Know Before Installing a Barn Door

Doors are an important part of a home. Other than your home design, one of the next things your visitors behold about your home is your doors. With your doors, like your windows, you can display your taste and give people some impressions about you. 

Barn doors are a great door type through which you can communicate your taste of design. 

However, before you go ahead installing that barn door, there are a few things you should know. 

4 Things to Know Before Installing a Barn Door:

1. Go For Quality Hardware

The quality of hardware you choose for your barn door says a lot about what to expect from your barn door. Quality hardware is not just about an appealing design, but it ensures smooth and quiet sliding. Though quality hardware is usually expensive, you’ll appreciate its value in the long run. 

2. Barn Doors Require Space

While it’s obvious that barn doors save space, it’s important to know that they also require space to slide along their tracks. A single barn door requires a wall space exactly as its width. With this, the door can open completely. 

While this space is needed just on one side of the doorway for a single door, wall space is needed on both sides of the doorway for double doors. 

Hence, it’s important to ensure that the part of the wall where your barn door will slide over doesn’t contain artwork, outlets, or light switches. Else, they disrupt the barn door sliding.

3. A Wider Door Is More Suitable For A Doorway

Barn doors are to cover the door completely, but this is often not the case when the door width is the same as the opening. Therefore, ensure your door is a bit wider than the opening it’s to cover. This prevents it from leaving gaps between the wall and the door. 

For example, if you’re planning on installing a barn door for a 3-foot (36 inch) opening, it would be wise to choose a 40-inch door, which gives 4 inches on either side.

It’s also worth mentioning that buying a track with twice the width of your door is important, as this ensures that the door can completely open. This means that a 3-feet door will require a 6-feet track for excellent sliding.

4. A Handle Is Important

Besides looking great on your door, a hand lets you shut your door easily. However, this works on the outside of the door, calling for a recessed pull on the inside to clear the door jamb when it opens. Different options are available when choosing a handle and a recessed pull. It’s your duty to choose the one that suits your style and complements your hardware and door.


Installing a barn door is a great improvement to add to your home. However, ensure you put all this into place before forging on to install a barn door.