Modern Sliding French Barn Doors

Modern Sliding French Barn Doors

French, the culture of variety, individuality, and happiness, had a writer oncefrench barn doors saying; Imaginer c'est choisir; which translates to "to imagine is to choose." We cannot agree more with this as the rich, artsy culture of the French proves this to be very accurate.

To make the choice of imagination, one must have the will to create a difference. It takes natural talent to select old, rustic canvases and create modern artworks out of them. A great example is the French barn doors. Unlike the name, barn doors can be used as entrances to multiple places except for the barn.

These doors are made up of wood and have a typical panel and lock arrangement that can be painted or designed differently to be used as the entrance to pantries, master bedrooms, lounge, dining rooms, or other big rooms of one's house.

Level the barn doors up the French style, and you can even have them as the perfect and chic entrances to your hallways and literally any room in the house. French barn doors are a work of imaginative art as someone took the regular barn doors and Frenched them up in terms of design, color, and look.

In sliding French barn doors, they open from the center that is the panels slide sideways. They are a hot furniture commodity, especially when they are made up of glass rather than wood. People use glass sliding French barn doors to add a unique twist to their room's entrances and make their interiors look saucy like no other.

Ideas of designing and installing interior French doors know no bounds as buyers can decide if they would like the framework in wood or glass, the color they would like, and they would prefer the overall door designed. You can opt for having your door designed as a window with glass panes, go for the old school glass plus wooden door look, or just keep it minimally sophisticated yet chic enough by choosing an entirely wooden French door.sliding french barn doors

You can color it up, depending upon the shades of your walls, or even go for contrasts to make your new doors stand out. The installation of French barn doors requires a sliding rail, like the curtain rods, to be fixed on the roof. Then, the doors are installed and function much like the curtains, with each door sliding to each side and making way from the center.

In contrast to the old wooden barn doors with only one side sliding and making an entrance, the French touch adds a unique look and style. It is a fantastic option for those looking to modernize their house with the choice of their interiors.

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