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Maintaining your Barn Door 101

Some of the most popular styles being employed in recent times is the Rustic and Industrial Style, which takes emphasis on practicality and old country handiwork. Apart from using light colors, reclaimed furniture pieces and raw construction materials, a unique aspect of these styles is the use of a sliding door that is often seen in old factories or barns.

Aptly named the barn door because of its wide wooden aesthetic mixed with old world hardware, this type of architectural piece has been considered to be the most practical and definitive piece of any Rustic or Industrial Style due to the fact that it saves an incredible amount of space as well as provides a unique aspect to certain areas of the room. It evokes a sense of coziness and warmth that is often associated with farmhouses and country style living. 

That being said, having a barn door is such a wonderful addition to your interior. However, that doesn’t mean you will leave it as is. Like any piece of furniture or appliance, treating and maintaining the overall integrity of your barn door is paramount. Because let’s be honest; It would be very impractical and silly to install another barn door when the first one is still in working condition, right? 

That being said, here are several ways you can maintain your barn door’s overall integrity as well as some key points to think of when doing so. 


This refers to the barn door’s overall treatment before it is mounted on the sliding tracks.  Barn doors are often made of solid hardwoods and as such, are prone to all manner of wood related problems such as decay, warping and above all termites and other natural infestations. The first thing you should do is to treat your doors properly with the necessary treatments such as making it completely termite proof, sanding out the rough edges and applying the proper amount of stain and varnish if needed. After all, taking care of your door before it is mounted is the foundation point of its overall maintenance. 


The definitive feature of every barn door is the door’s sliding rails or track system. This long piece of metal provides the overall support and function of the barn door. However, like most metals, it is prone to oxidization which in turn would make it rust and therefore difficult for the door to slide and even more so to hold the door in place. It is then advisable to oil and lubricate your tracks at least twice a month so that it won’t easily rust. A good lubricant to use is WD40 or any silicone based lubricant as it makes for a smoother finish.  Try to check if your track system has any obstructions such as dust film or dirt along its tracks. This could lead to a potential problem if left unattended.  


The fact remains that the barn door, regardless of it being on a track system, is still being supported by a hanger and a roller. It is very important to invest in quality hardware like hangers, door spacers, rollers and even brackets. The best thing about choosing quality hardware is that you’re ensured of its longevity and sturdiness. You do not want to spend large amounts of money on subpar pieces that barely serves its purpose. 

When it comes to maintaining its overall sheen and integrity, you can opt for these simple tips. You can use all-purpose cleaners such as Pledge to make your handles and rollers more polished and clean, but if that is not your cup of tea, you can also use vinegar and a piece of cloth. Use only an adequate amount of cleaners when polishing and cleaning your hardware. If you use too much, you might make it a bit brittle and weak. 


There are days when you are mad and in the heat of the moment, you end up punching or even slamming your door close just to show how angry you are. This, however, can lead to you potentially damaging your barn door. Or if you’re in a hurry and you slam the door so hard that you can even hear something crack. As much as possible, when opening or closing your barn door, do it gently and avoid making it hit the wall.  Installing door stoppers is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you should be complacent when it comes to handling your door.  Make sure your door stoppers are in place. Take care not to apply too much force when opening or closing your door as it could dislodge the door from the track system. 


While doing intensive monthly maintenance is good practice, you can also insert a few daily maintenance tasks that will make a big impact on your door.  Always check your barn door for dust and use a soft cloth or rag and wipe it thoroughly. You can also use a feather duster.

If your barn door has an intricate wood grain, use a small amount of oil and a rag and wipe it across the surface. It helps if you wipe it in the direction of the grain itself. 

Wipe your handles with a damp cloth and some soap.


When doing these simple maintenance tips, always remember that with proper care and diligence, your barn door’s overall integrity and look is sure to last for many long years.