3 Important Factors You Need to Consider Before Getting A Barn Door

3 Important Factors You Need to Consider Before Getting A Barn Door

There are many benefits to getting a barn door installed in your home. However, before taking the leap and getting a barn door to suit your home interior décor, there are some factors to consider. Like traditional barn doors, certain features must be assessed before installation. These include aspects such as the size of the door and the available space for instance. Here are 3 important factors you need to consider before getting a barn door. 

Wall Space

Unlike traditional doors, barn doors don’t open in an outward direction. They run on tracks that enable you to slide your door to the left or right instead of an outward or inward swing. This helps you to create more floor space. 

Therefore, barn doors need to have a certain width or wall space for seamless clearance. If you have electrical wall sockets, light switches, plumbing fixtures or any wall mounted installations on the wall it can pose a problem. 

If you have wall fittings in the space you wish to install a barn door, then a barn door may not be suitable for it. Barn doors also come in double door designs for wide doorways with limited wall space. 

Level of Privacy

Barn doors don’t fit into a frame the way traditional doors do. When you install a barn door, they are slightly elevated and there is a space at the bottom where noise and light can travel through. If you need total privacy for a particular room, then a barn door may not be the right fit. Especially, if you are living in a large or crowded household and want total privacy for your bedroom or home office. 

Apart from this however, barn doors are ideal for common rooms, partitioning of open space floor plans, closets, pantries and so much more. If you live alone or have a small family, you can use barn doors without feeling like you are lacking total privacy.


Barn doors don’t just come in rustic farmhouse designs. In fact, you can get barn doors with glass fittings and other artistic styles. Whatever the trend or style you have in mind, you can find a barn door to suit your vision. They are also a lot easier to customize not just by design but also size. This makes barn doors versatile and functional in just about any space whether small or large. 

With this in mind, before choosing a barn door, you should consider the style you need. For example, when partitioning a large room, glass fixtured doors won’t block any natural lighting but it may take away from privacy if it is needed. If this is not a concern then such styles are a welcome addition to create a light, airy ambience. 


Choosing a barn door has a lot of aesthetic appeal combined with functionality. Be sure to assess these factors before purchasing a barn door so that you can choose the appropriate door for your needs and get the best out of the barn door trend.