Terminus 7455 Antracit Double Barn Door

Why Should You Add a Barn Door to Your Office?

Whether you are remodeling your office or setting up an entirely new one, the right choice of modern doors will definitely bring convenience and charisma to your workspace. While there are a plethora of door designs to fit the unique styling needs of different offices, barn doors make an excellent option if you want to add a decorative touch to your workplace but keep it sophisticated and decent.

Generally, a barn door can be installed anywhere in the office where there is sufficient space. You can either use it as an external door to create an appealing entryway or make it an essential element of your office interiors. The two biggest advantages barn doors have over unsightly regular doors are that they feature a variety of designs and sizes and serve as a space-saving alternative to hinged and full-sized doors. Additionally, they are an on-trend option for dividing large office spaces into individual cubicles.

Honestly, barn doors are characteristically versatile and become a timeless mainstay wherever they are placed. Here are a few major reasons why you should consider adding barn doors to your office.

1. Stand Up to High Traffic Use

As compared to our homes, commercial spaces receive more foot traffic. Hence, they require durable hardware for constant use. While the traditional doors are designed for lighter use, barn doors are generally intended to endure wear-and-tear typical in commercial settings. Even if the business is small-scale, the sliding doors installed in any workplace will see far more use than those utilized in residential spaces. Thus, the doors used in offices must be more durable and sturdy to avoid frequent repair issues.

Another good reason for swapping traditional office doors will barn doors is the increased weight capacity of the latter. For a fact, the track hardware and system accompanying residential doors have a much lighter weight capacity than barn doors. This is primarily because the barn doors that go into offices are heavier and larger than those preferred for homes. Hence, a more resistant and robust track is required to sustain the weight of commercial barn doors.

Here, it’s essential to keep in mind that the material of the door has little to do with its lifetime. It’s majorly about the kind of use the door receives. That is, even if you install a lighter sliding door to your office, there is little chance that it will withstand high-traffic use unless you pair it up with a heavy-duty track and sliding hardware. Therefore, it’s wisest to go with barn doors that are fundamentally manufactured for such use.

2. Space-efficient and Affordable

Office owners often want to acquire space-saving doors that enhance the interior's general look while fitting their constricted budget. Since barn doors glide along the wall instead of swinging inward and outward when opened or closed, they don’t take up additional floor space, thus leaving more room for furniture. This feature is particularly beneficial for cramped offices that have limited space for tables, chairs, and cabinets.

With barn doors, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving extra space for door movement and instead utilize the saved floor space for lining up a few shelves or petite furniture. In this way, you will be able to design a utilitarian office layout, which doesn’t only accommodate necessary items but is also easy on the pockets because of its longevity.

Fun fact: Since barn doors will just rest against the wall, the employees wouldn’t have to worry about stubbed toes. Another profound reason to incorporate barn doors in your office.

3. Variety of Options

When creating an ideal workplace, style, aesthetics, and functionality go a long way. If your office employs hundreds of individuals, you cannot afford tedious and monotonous interiors, which could potentially hamper the employers’ productivity. Hence, uplifting your office by adding a few decorative pieces, textured walls, and beautiful doorways is a practical decision.

The dynamic versatility and ease of operation of barn doors render them appropriate for installation in residential and commercial spaces. These doors offer numerous design options, depending on the style you want to adapt to your workplace. For example, if you're going to create an office with completely closed spaces, you can opt for solid paneled doors. Moreover, glass barn doors are an excellent option if you want a sound barrier while maintaining visual access. Finally, if you are looking for something that provides partial visual access, you can go for wood doors with clear glass windows.

Furthermore, sliding barn doors are the perfect choice for instantly elevating the interiors of your office and bringing a bit of convenience and warmth to your commercial space. At times the pulling and pushing operation of traditional swinging doors with automatic closers becomes a tiresome experience. Therefore, it’s better to install barn doors to benefit from its slide-and-shut mechanism while avoiding the hassles of swinging doors in style.

4. Noise Dampening and Easy Installation

It would be wrong to say that noise is an indubitable feature of all office settings. However, there are times when one craves a quiet space for increased focus or to unwind after hectic working hours. While every door offers some level of noise reduction, the acoustical qualities of barn doors are unmatchable. Surprisingly, many barn doors can reduce noise transmission by up to 30 percent.

Glass barn doors not only stop noise from escaping the room but also offer visual access to other rooms, making it easy for the employees to see who is available for collaboration.

One of the best qualities of barn doors is their ease of installation. Unlike traditional gates, barn doors feature a quicker and simpler installation process, which can be followed by even non-technical individuals. Hence, you can carry out the placement yourself if you are an adept DIYer. However, for accurate positioning and effortless installation, we do recommend you seek professional help.

5. Versatility

From hiding a cluttered conference wall to working as separators between rooms, barn doors serve plenty of purposes. Of all, their most conventional use would be as entryway doors. While they have become an increasingly popular choice for entry and exit doors, there are other ways to utilize these remarkable pieces.

For instance, a farmhouse-style sliding door could be an excellent addition to your conference room as it will keep the meetings private or let you take up a client’s call without outside distractions. Even if your small office doesn’t host a separate meeting room, you can make a makeshift room by separating a comparatively larger room into two via a barn door. Additionally, you can use barn doors to hide the dry-erase boards, sticky notes, and projector screens when they are not in use to create more presentable surroundings.

Furthermore, if your office doesn’t have a dedicated space for lunch breaks, you can certainly design one by adding an aesthetic barn door between a well-lit room. For this, Midcentury or French doors could be an apt choice. Another massive advantage of adding barn doors to your office is that they can seamlessly conceal your outdated cabinets and storage area beneath its solid panels. Doing this will not only give a tidy appearance to your office, but it will save more floor space for movement.

Last but not least, barn doors are best for installing in home offices. If you are someone who has a separate workspace in their home, then you must be aware of how hard it is to work from home blended with distractions. Fortunately, a barn door can serve as a flawless separator between your noisy living spaces and home office.

6. Increased Lightening

Incorporating glass doors in the office offers a host of benefits. For example, it morphs a boring and dull space into an inviting environment, thus boosting the morale of employees. Plus, it exposes them to an appropriate amount of sunlight, which reduces stress and boosts their immune system, keeping them active and healthy in the long run.

Though many offices set within commercial buildings utilize glass doors to bring natural light into the workplace, traditional swinging glass doors feature a considerable risk of wear and tear because of constant opening and closing operations. However, in comparison, sliding glass barn doors with a metallic finish are more resistant to heavy impacts, thus making them the best fit for office use.


From this guide, it’s pretty evident that barn doors are a popular choice for home office and commercial buildings. With several barn doors to choose from, you are sure to find a door that can seamlessly complement your office interiors. Generally, barn door styles for offices can range from rustic pine wood doors as room dividers to modern glass barn doors for creating a gripping entrance.

If you are not sure of the current barn door trends, you can visit our website, barndoors.forsale, and explore a massive collection of doors to find the ones that best fit your office.