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Why are Barn Doors so Popular all of a sudden?

The irresistible vernacular charm of barn doors is getting rave reviews in the interior design scene, and you’ve probably seen its rustic appeal flaunt many social media feeds. But why the sudden rise in interest in this farmhouse element?

It probably boils down to its ability to wow a space by using the most basic and even boring element in a home, the door.

The door is probably the last thing you might think of when it comes to sprucing up a space, and that’s what exactly barn doors are able to do, add that rustic curb appeal.

Aside from elevating the level aesthetics, here are some more reasons why barn doors are great:

Injects Personality. Whatever style we are aiming for, our homes shouldn’t look staged, instead, aim for a home that has personality and taste. A barn door is just the perfect element to add some zing into a space while keeping that comfy and warm feeling of a home.

For Space-Starved Interiors. Barn doors are installed as sliding doors, which means you can have a large opening without worrying about the swing space. Though, you do need a wide enough width for the door panels to slide through when opening.

Easy and Cheap to Install. Compared to pocket or hung doors, barn doors are relatively faster and easier to install because there are no complex attachments or hardware needed. You don’t need to knock down your walls to install them eliminating the need for a costly renovation. There are even barn doors made from reclaimed wood which adds even more history and character to your entryways.

You Can Install them Anywhere. Whatever size or place you need the classic opening, the barn doors can fit in pretty well. From your main entryway to your bathroom, there’s a barn door design that can fit your needs. It also helps that the door slides through a track so you can install a heavy barn door without worrying about the balance and stability.

Why are barn doors relevant in modern times? It's because the classic farmhouse door is a piece of tradition that works well even with our most contemporary sensibilities. Besides, what’s not to love with barn doors?