Lucia 2588 White Silk Double Bypass Barn Door with Rain Glass

Types of Glass Barn Doors

A glass barn door can add flare to both rustic and modern abodes, creating a more functional and attention-grabbing entrance. These doors provide a way for you to access your belongings inside a closet or pantry, or they can fully open an entrance to your bedroom, bathroom, or office. Essentially, a glass door is more space-efficient than its traditional counterpart due to its slide-and-shut mechanism and effectively adds lively contrast to your dull space. 

As the glass barn door is becoming the most sought-after door type, it’s best to install them as soon as you can. However, which glass door will complement your home features could be a tricky question, considering the variety of options available in the market. Therefore, in this article, we have rounded up the four widely preferred glass barn door types that you can incorporate into your home design without second thoughts. 

Frosted Glass Barn Door

Undoubtedly, one of the most enduring images of a barn door is a frosted glass door due to its easy maintenance and affordability. As the name suggests, this type of glass barn door features a frosted and opaque look, allowing for more privacy and functionality. Since it doesn’t offer a see-through view of the room, it’s the best choice for bathrooms, especially if your house has multiple occupants. Additionally, many people prefer installing a frosted panelled door in rooms that don’t have windows.

One of the best parts of these opaque doors is they offer several options beyond the regular full etched glass panel. For example, you can select different gradients, patterns, and textured glass to show off your sophisticated sense of style. Moreover, you have complete control over the opaqueness of the glass barn door ranging from nearly transparent to fully opaque. Another good reason you should consider getting a frosted barn door is that it doesn’t require regular cleaning. Hence, it wouldn’t reflect water spots or dirty fingerprints. 

However, in the case where both sides of the etched glass panel are in use, its pores can catch dirt and foreign particles from the surroundings, giving it a dull appearance. Therefore, we recommend you to go for a frosted glass with an acid etched panel. Also, while a textured glass door will preserve your privacy, it will end up making your room look smaller than it actually is. This is primarily because the frosted glass wouldn’t allow much light to pass through it. For this reason, these glass barn doors are best suited for larger spaces.


  • It’s cost-efficient
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Maintains privacy 
  • Loads of design options
  • The etched glass hides dirt marks on the door


  • Darker atmosphere
  • It makes smaller spaces look more cramped 
  • If the door doesn’t feature an acid etched panel, it will absorb soap scum and dirt from the shower

Clear Glass Barn Door

    A barn door made of clear glass is a very common way to go. Since it features crystal clear see-through glass, it allows lots of light to pass through it, making the room look brighter and more extensive. The glass body is usually surrounded by a wooden frame, which is highly resistant to scratches and stains. Thus, it’s the safest option for homes with kids. Besides, you would be surprised to know that these transparent doors are a popular choice for bathrooms, regardless of the fact that they offer little privacy. This is because aside from stopping water from splashing onto the bathroom floor, these barn doors aptly become the artistic centrepiece of your bathroom. On the downside, when installed in bathrooms, these doors will show water drips. Hence, they could be a bit difficult to maintain, especially with hard water.

    What makes these doors different from standard doors is that they include multiple lite designs, which makes them suitable for dining, living, and guest rooms alike. While there is no texture, a clear glass barn door may have a slight tint to it. However, colorless glass is a preferred choice for homeowners due to its incredibly minimalistic touch. 

    Unlike its opaque alternatives, it doesn’t offer any privacy. Hence, a transparent door might not be an ideal choice for shared rooms or high-traffic bathrooms. Nonetheless, you can use it as a patio door to flaunt your beautiful garden. In short, clear glass barn doors are sleeker and trendier than frosted glass doors, but they have their limitations when it comes to functionality. 


    • It’s space-saving and brightly lights up your interiors
    • It offers a unique design aesthetic and high-definition look to the room 
    • White silk and matte black frames complement every design scheme or décor
    • Timeless – wouldn’t look old-fashioned in a few years 


    • Comparatively difficult to clean as it shows water splashes and smudges 
    • Not suitable for shared spaces due to lack of privacy 

    Rain Glass Barn Door

      Rain glass doors are a type of opaque door that is textured on one side with a pattern similar to raindrops. Since they let some filtered light pass through them while maintaining privacy, these doors are a popular choice for bathrooms. One of the reasons why people tend to install doors with rain glass in their homes is because these doors are very ornate, complementing both traditional and contemporary spaces. Honestly, a rain glass door works similarly to any barn door you would see elsewhere, but its distinguishing feature is its unique texture, which does a great job at standing out with all the backgrounds.

      s these doors are etched on one side, they don’t absorb dirt from the atmosphere, unlike frosted glass; hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about fingerprints and watermarks. Most importantly, these glass barn doors are simple to install. If you are aware of the size of your doorway, then you need to select a door that will sit perfectly in the given space. However, if you aren’t confident of the measurements you have taken, it’s best to leave these things to a professional. 

      While it’s not something you would install in many places in your home, the rain glass door is a suitable option for the pantry, closet, and restroom. Moreover, a door with rain glass is an exceptional alternative to wooden doors, which might make you feel claustrophobic.


      • Diffuses light, creating a livelier space
      • Easy to clean
      • The door comes in a variety of texture
      • It offers some amount of privacy based on the selected style
      • A great alternative to blinds and windows


      • Could be a bit expensive depending on the style
      • Its hardened texture might make installation difficult

      Mirror Glass Barn Door

        A mirror glass barn door not only serves as a regular door but it adds a minimal yet classy appeal to your rooms. As the name implies, these doors contain a mirror, making them the best choice for wardrobes, bedrooms, and living rooms. Especially in modern settings, wooden doors can look miserably out of place. Therefore, to maintain a contemporary vibe, most people tend to get mirrored glass doors in their doorways. 

        The mirrored glass also magnifies the natural light, thus creating an illusion of a larger space. Hence, these are an excellent option for small rooms because wherever you install them, you will be adding a bright, cheerful aura to that place. Additionally, if you install these doors, you wouldn’t have to bother about separate mirrors in your room or down the hallway. Moreover, these glass doors are unbelievably affordable, considering the dual functionality they would be providing. So, wherever you install them, you will be adding a significant amount of charm to that place. 

        Of course, the fact that it has an in-built mirror means you would have to be a little more careful with the door. Therefore, they might not be the right door to fit an entryway if you have mischievous children around. Nonetheless, this timeless piece deserves a place in your home, so consider putting them in spaces usually occupied by adults who will admire the splendor of the door while treating it with care. Furthermore, as these are mirrored doors, their surface will appear dirty if they come in contact with water or any other liquid, making them an unconvincing option as bathroom doors. 


        • It gives a sophisticated, up-to-date appearance to the house
        • Adds a unique lighting effect to the rooms 
        • Maximize room space and suitable for small apartments 
        • It’s a budget-friendly option


        • Require intense cleaning 
        • Not suitable for homes with kids


        Whether you are looking to install a space-saving entry or an eye-catching aesthetic, the above barn doors with glass will suffice all your needs. We have not only mentioned the pros and cons of different types of glass barn doors, but we have also suggested some of the best doors from each category. All you have to do is pick your favorite glass door from our website, and Barndoorsforsale will bring this on-trend modern décor to your home.