3 Functional Ways to Use Barn Doors

3 Functional Ways to Use Barn Doors


Barn doors are praised for their versatility and low maintenance. They are easy to install and help you to create more space in your home and make even the smallest spaces seem larger and more open. Before getting a barn door installed, here are 3 functional ways to use barn doors and get the best benefits they have to offer. 

Create a Separate Room Using a Barn Door

If you live in a studio apartment or have an open floor house plan, you can use a barn door to create privacy and a sophisticated look. This is especially useful if you have a bed nook and want to create a separate sleeping area. For open floor plan arrangements, you can also take the same approach to section off a kitchen or living room without adding something more permanent like a dry wall enclosure. Barn doors are also less restrictive than regular doors and when you want to have your open space back, simply push your barn door to the side. They also come in many different styles from rustic to modern and more. 

Make Storage Spaces Using Barn Doors

You can use a sliding barn door to hide unsightly clutter, bike racks or convert a narrow hallway into a closet. If you don’t have a garage, this is a perfect solution to your storage woes. Having a barn door also makes it easier to move large items such as bicycles in and out of the hallway or entryway ‘closet’. If you have an exposed laundry area, barn doors can also be the solution you have been waiting on to keep your washing machine and dryer out of sight. 

Barn Doors Are Great for Kitchen Pantries

For most homeowners, having a large, grand kitchen is a décor dream. Unfortunately, not everyone has this kind of kitchen space. Kitchens can become cluttered easily, and every inch of space is valuable. Instead of a regular swinging door, try using a sliding barn door as the entry point for your kitchen pantry. This saves you floor space, is very functional and easy to maneuver and you can choose a stylish barn door to match your kitchen décor. Barn doors are also easier to customize so if your pantry doorway is too small for a traditional door, a barn door would be ideal. 


There are many ways in which you can utilize barn doors to create space in your home or apartment. People living in small spaces can especially benefit from installing barn doors in their homes. They help to free up space and make even the tightest spaces feel airy and open. Barn doors aren’t just for aesthetics, they can really bring more functional benefits to your home!