ur barn doors with glass may just be your best incorporation in your home as they alleviate your interior, giving your rooms a beautiful touch. Glass sliding barn doors make your house look appealing as you move around and stylishly open or close them.

Glass Barn Doors for Bathroom

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”A glass barn door for the bathroom?!” This surprised reaction is what you get from most folks when you tell them you’re looking to add something stylish like a barn door to your bathroom. Barn doors are popular for being visually pleasing and space-saving. However, most people are still concerned about their privacy when putting up barn doors. They believe that a barn door will fall short of discretion no matter what, which is why they don’t consider barn doors for anywhere, particularly in their bathrooms. Is their stance true though? That’s what you’ll be finding out along with everything you need to know about glass barn doors for bathroom.

Can a barn door be used for a bathroom?

A barn door can be used for a bathroom, but it won’t bring you as much privacy as a normal door. This is because barn doors do not move into the line of the doorway and need some space to move along the track while not making contact with the wall. The gap that sits between your barn door and the doorway is although minimum (barely half an inch), but it is still a gap after all, which is why some people hesitate to go for a barn door for their bathroom.

You can’t deny that a glass barn door for your bathroom can be a big contributor to the overall looks of the interior. So, what can you do to minimize the chances of your privacy being compromised? Well, you can ensure that the gap is kept to its minimum by ordering a perfect fit for your bathroom’s doorway. Though the gap cannot be completely filled, you’ll still be eliminating the chances of smell or sound making their way through to a great extent. To sum it up, yes barn doors can be used for a bathroom if you get a good fit. You can also check out our guide here on how to get a proper size barn door.

Glass barn door or normal barn door?

Glass barn doors are just regular barn doors except they have glass on their bodies. Some glass barn doors are entirely made from glass, while others only have glass panels surrounded by a wooden or aluminum frame. These panels are usually frosted or opaque for obvious reasons. They’re also relatively new in modern-day interior design themes, but is the hype around them worth it? The answer is yes! Glass barn doors have an upper hand on the style due to their sleek and elegant build. Since most bathrooms have a light-colored theme, adding a glass barn door only matches the design of your bathroom.

How much does a glass barn door cost?

A glass barn door’s cost is not that different from a normal barn door. However, the price factor still depends majorly on the type of glass you’re opting for. Generally, a glass barn door can cost somewhere between $700 to $2000. This range covers both single glass barn doors as well as doubles. Moreover, the installation charges are separate. You can put up a glass barn door by yourself, but it’s not recommended to do so since you’re dealing with a highly fragile product here. Better to call a pro than end up with a crack on your precious glass barn door!

Pros and Cons of a glass barn door for bathroom


  •       Lets natural light shine through

For places where you’re looking for light to pass through, glass barn doors might be the optimal option. Most of them come with frosted glass that allows light to shine across rooms but doesn’t compromise privacy. It truly brings a beautiful aura into the interior.

  •       Adds elegance to the place

Glass barn doors truly stand out due to their superiority in regards to their looks and style. There are also dozens of variations within the glass barn door category alone, and none of them are displeasing to gaze at. Also, glass barn doors are way more theme-adaptable because they fit in with almost any interior color combination.

  •       Space savers

Falling short on space in your bathroom? A glass barn door might be a way out. Since these doors hang outside the bathroom’s doorway, they won’t be covering any of your bathroom space. This is an admirable benefit of barn doors in general.


  •       Require a bit of extra maintenance

Since glass barn doors bring extra class to your place, they also need a bit of extra maintenance. Though you will be saved from the hassle of worrying about wood rot or termites, you might have to keep an eye out for scratches. Stains and scratches are also more prominent on glass, so you’ll have to keep a glass cleaner nearby.

  •       Might not be ideal for privacy

As already mentioned previously, glass barn doors do not perform to the highest level in terms of privacy. Soundwaves are not absorbed by the glass as they are absorbed by other materials. So, this is a factor you might need to bring into consideration before you buy a glass barn door.

Maintaining a glass barn door

The specialty of a glass barn door lies in its shine of the glass. Even if it is frosted or has a sheet in between, a dirty glass barn door is never something that contributes to the beauty of your room. So, how can you maintain your glass barn door? Well, the procedure is easy but needs to be done often to prevent dirt from catching up. Before we proceed, note that you don’t have to take off the glass barn door every time you clean it. Having it cleaned from both sides would be sufficient while it hangs from the mounting track.

Firstly, you’ll need a mild cleaning solution that won’t harm the surrounding frame of your glass barn door or the glass itself. Since we’re dealing with glass barn doors for bathrooms here, the glass will be frosted, which is easier to clean as compared to normal crystal-clear glass. You don’t have to worry about giving it that clarity and getting rid of mist that might build up during the cleaning process. Frosted glass only needs to be cleaned with a light cleaning solution that is not acidic. An average glass cleaner does the job perfectly.

Spray the cleaner onto the surface and grab some old newspapers. Remember, paper always works better when it comes to cleaning glass. Unlike cloth, it does not leave traces of cotton behind. Gently scrub the papers on the glass in a circular motion and try hitting the corners with your fingers. Don’t rub too roughly as frosted glass can wear down if it’s dealt with excessive pressure. Glass barn doors in bathrooms are rarely afflicted by tough stains, so you probably won’t have to clean too much. Nonetheless, using vinegar or baking soda for dealing with stains is recommended.

Can a bathroom barn door be locked?

Some people think barn doors can’t be locked, and this is far from the truth. Whether it’s in your bedroom or your bathroom, your barn door can be locked, otherwise, it takes away the entire purpose of having a door in the first place. though barn doors do not have a traditional style key lock, you can still find their locks in other shapes and sizes. The most common type is the hook that locks onto the doorway for a single barn door. For double barn doors, the hook sits in the middle, keeping both doors locked together unless the hook is taken off.

Much like your normal lock, barn door locks do not fall short in keeping the door in its place for privacy. So, to sum it up, barn doors do come with locks and they work just as well as normal locks.

Where can I buy a glass barn door from?

Now that we’ve let you in on the ins and outs of having a glass barn door for your bathroom, it wouldn’t be fair to let you guys leave without telling you where to get one from. We here at barndoorsforsale strive to bring the best glass barn doors to our customers. With our huge collection of glass barn doors, rest assured that you’ll be coming across more than just standard plain designs. Whether a clear glass barn door is what you seek or a frosted one to keep privacy, we got you covered!

One of our best glass barn door products is the Lucia 22, a single barn door that comes with a frosted glass and silver color body that compliments light-themed bedrooms and bathrooms. Be sure to check it out and see if it suits your preferences!


The only obstacle that stands between most homeowners and glass barn doors is the question of privacy. In this read, we pointed out that it’s not much of a problem if you take certain measures. After all, you’re adding a great deal of style to your room. It would be fair to ignore this one small drawback!