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Best Interior Décor and Barn Door Combinations

From their name, barn doors may seem like these doors are designed to complement farmhouses, traditional interiors, and other rustic abodes. However, the truth is these doors are more versatile and deliver more functionality and style than their counterparts. 

For starters, they save space, badding a creative touch to your doorway entrance. Additionally, they double as a decorative accent due to their striking shades and textures. Furthermore, they create functional spaces without costing too much. Don’t have a walk-in pantry? Just grab a few shelves and a sliding barn door and craft your own special pantry. Similarly, if you have transitional space in your home, like a mudroom or corridors, install a barn door to tuck them away. Plus, you can also use a pocket barn door to stow away your chinaware. 

All in all, barn doors come in various styles and configurations. Hence they are the best choice to maintain the overall style of your house. Even if you don’t have a rustic or French abode, barn doors can pull off every interior design from coastal to industrial or something entirely different. If you want to find the perfect door for your home, read the complete article, as we have rounded up five barn doors that will naturally fit some of the most popular interiors.

Frosted Glass Barn Door and Scandinavian Interior Design 

Modern interior designs and barn doors make a combination that is never outdated. The glimmer that the textural glass brings to German and Scandinavian interiors creates an impeccable meet-in-the-middle look for people who adore the elegance of glass but fancy a bit of privacy. Since the Scandinavian interior design has a serene and minimal appeal to it, fogged or frosted barn doors with silver finish rail will emphasize a relaxed look, especially in black, brown, and white color palettes. 

One of the preferred contemporary interior designs, Scandinavian design features gentle contours and a blend of both engineered and organic materials to create both functional and aesthetically pleasing indoors. Thus, this type of home often employs furniture, doors, and fixtures in metal finishes to facilitate a glossy homely aura. Hence, a barn door with a white or gray undertone with metal finishing will add a flair of drama to an otherwise dull entrance. 

Of course, you don’t want to repulse the subtlety of your minimalist yet charming interiors by featuring a shabby entrance. Therefore, frosted glass barn doors are a good option for those who want to maintain their style quotient while keeping it affordable and dramatic. Investing in frosted glass also enhances energy efficiency by allowing natural light to pass through them, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. A plus point for minimalistic modern designs and those who don’t want their interiors to feel closed off. 

Luckily, frosted doors can be installed in a single or double panel or even with a sliding frame to suit flexible entrances. From the patio and dining hall to the bedroom and bathroom, these opaque barn doors are best to impart a sense of openness to your contemporary dwellings.

Clear Glass Paneled Barn Door and Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Farmhouse interiors present a modern approach to rustic-inspired home decor. Since it utilizes many organic materials like lavender bunches and other plants, it offers a chance for its dwellers to connect with nature, transporting their imagination to French Provence. In such settings, glass-paneled double barn doors are usually preferred to separate two spaces, eliminating the need for a wall. Hence, keeping the interiors neat and highlighting only those elements that are worth a display. 

Another benefit of incorporating a glass barn door is that it allows light to flood between rooms, thus limiting the need for extra lighting. Plus, the door, when laid against deep-stained wooden flooring, gives an exponential value to a home. Additionally, since this design style has a minimalistic interior, matching it with glass doors will elevate its elegance while keeping the luxurious elements from the countryside in place.

Style-wise, farmhouse interiors are characterized by upholstered linen and cabin-inspired furniture. So, pairing them with white and beige base and hardware is best to introduce some contrast in a farmhouse-like home surrounded by concrete. You can also go for brighter color doors, such as turquoise, to add some pop and statement to your classical interiors. 

Furthermore, glass paneled barn doors are relatively easier to clean and maintain and can complement a variety of other interior designs. An example is French Country design, which is a unique mix of farmhouse, shabby chic, and French antiques. A barn door with glass panels not only creates a grown-up allure in such a setting, but its transparency will also allow the adults to keep an eye on mischievous children.  

Mirrored Barn Doors and Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design is a unison of utility and style. From its name, it’s apparent that an industrial design exposes otherwise hidden elements, like bricks, recycled material, and other factory elements in the house. While this kind of interior is a bit cluttered, it lends a clean and minimal spirit to any room due to its open floor architecture and copper-tone accents. However, to evoke an authentic urban vibe, one can make use of mirrored sliding barn doors to counterbalance low lighting due to decorative metal extras and oversized machinery elements.

The mirrored doors installed on steel hardware can offer a grand entrance to the living room, adding a touch of sophistication to the steampunk surroundings. As far as the color of the barn door is concerned, think of a neutral color that combines the masculine, distressed wooden elements and exposed brick walls, giving an ancient charm to the industrial-themed house. 

The core idea behind this type of house is to take elements from warehouses and throw them in the urban mix to render a space that is tailored to the homeowner’s needs. Nevertheless, in doing so, some space is compromised for traditional timber doors, making them unfit for installation as interior doors. Fortunately, in these scenarios, a clever mirrored design serves as a space-saving alternative to wooden doors, creating an illusion of more space by reflecting more light in the house. 

Moreover, as industrial interiors are more rustic and mature, combining them with mirrored barn doors provides an organic contrast while offering plenty of breathing space for oversized factory components.

Pine Wood Barn Door and Cottage Style Interiors 

With wooden flooring, antique lighting, and warm, neutral accents, cottage-style interiors make a laid-back and welcoming environment. It’s truly a vacation spot where you sit comfortably and unwind. From repurposed bits and pieces to playful prints and crafty displays, Cottage style homes exude elegance, fun, and style. While the interiors usually feature cream, white, and pastel colors, darker color furniture pieces are often preferred to create lively contrast in the cottage-like home.

When it comes to furniture hardware like doors that suit cottage-inspired surroundings, pine wood, and veneer top the list because of their weathered, rough, and distressed appearance. Unsurprisingly, wooden doors have been used for centuries to provide a classic finish to any interior. An oak or pine barn door paired with iron accessories will work best for a rustic cottage look. However, for an English cottage look, a wooden door with large vertical panels may be an appropriate choice. In addition, for any home style that falls between rustic and modern, reclaimed barn doors painted in white are becoming a popular choice.

Wooden doors with a dark walnut finish are also a winning choice for cottage-style homes because of their statement look and durability. Especially if you want to create a living space that offers you some privacy, then wooden doors make an excellent option as they reduce noise transfer from room to room. Plus, barn doors made of wood provide brilliant insulation in all weather. Lastly, these doors can also work to hide the pantry and transitional spaces in your house, giving your home an ordered appearance. 

Diamond-Styled Barn Door and Mid-Century Interior Design

When a diamond-styled double barn door combines with the interior design from the 40s to the 60s, it delivers an optical look, evoking post-World War II minimalism and subtlety. A home with a mid-century style contains a certain retro feel to it, hence pairing it with a rustic door with a stained wood effect moderately resonates with the interiors.

As the mid-century interiors date back to WWII, timelessness and comfort are its two hallmarks. However, to top it, functionality emerged as an epicenter of mid-century modern styling during the late 20th century. Thus, giving way to space-efficient but dramatic doorways. 

For starters, you can decorate your entryways with a plain white door. However, if you want to make a bold design statement, we recommend you go for diamond-styled barn doors in darker undertones. For example, this Red Mahogany wooden door with a medieval era reminiscent will create a seamless flow between the inside and outside of the home. In addition, you can also use lighter colors like classic gray to supplement the highly saturated color theme. 


Interior décor styles are abundant and unique, and so are barn door designs. Whether your house features traditional interiors, contemporary styling, or a mix of both, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the best barn door to create an instant design statement. Even if your house doesn’t pull off a certain interior design, the above-mentioned doors are unquestionably heady, complementing every architectural hallmark.