Best Glass Barn Doors for sale

Best Glass Barn Doors of 2022

Glass barn doors can be the ultimate addition of elegance and style to your home. Not only do they slide to open up, but they also let some light through their sleek glass body. It would be unfitting to assume that glass barn doors are going out of style since their use remains popular and steadily continues to grow. Now, choosing a glass barn door can be tricky. There are dozens of choices out there ranging from different shaded glass choices to frameless glass barn doors. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best barn doors with glass to make your decision-making process easier.

1.  Lucia 2552


  •       Frosted glass
  •       White silk color
  •       Silver finish rail

The Lucia 2552 is a double glass barn door that comes with a 3-panel frosted glass and a dazzling matte white-colored body. It comes with a sturdy wooden frame designed to withstand your daily wear and tear, hence giving it an upper hand on durability. Manufactured by SartoDoors, the Lucia 2552 also comes with a silver finish rail, giving your glass barn door a shiny track to slide on. Other than that, it has a 1-3/5 inches thickness which contributes to cutting down sound wave transmission by up to 30%. Though the double glass barn door come with no handle, we can’t deny that the absence of handles greatly enhances the overall look of the barn door.

2.  Lucia 2555


  •       Clear glass
  •       Matt white color
  •       Silver finish rail

The Lucia 2555 is a lot like its contemporary model 2552. However, the core difference between the two is the glass. The 2555 has crystal-clear see-through glass surrounded by a matte white wooden frame. With a three-paneled body, this glass barn door is perfect to be placed as an interior door for closets and living rooms. Since the glass is not opaque, having it in rooms where privacy is needed would not be the brightest idea. Nonetheless, it brings a fair deal of elegance to your home’s interior décor. Much like our previous pick, the Lucia 2555 does not come with a handle, and for all the right reasons.

3.  Lucia 2166


  •       White silk pinewood frame
  •       Clear glass body
  •       French design

Up next on our list of best glass barn doors is another one of the Lucia. The Lucia 2166 is another barn door with a full clear glass body surrounded by a white wooden frame derived from pinewood. Ideal for being placed in your dining or living room, this glass barn door brings a touch of French design into your home. The Lucia 2166 is available in a wide range of variations, including double or single glass barn doors with differently finished rails. However, the main body is the same, which consists of a clear glass body and a white wooden frame.

4.  Quadro 4002


  •       5-panel glass barn door
  •       Comes in White silk/Grey ash/Matte black
  •       Veneer finish

The Quadro 4002 is another glass barn door worthy of being brought into consideration. It has a 5-panel glass body that is held together by solid MDF, a wood composition that offers top-notch durability and sturdiness. Much like the rest of our picks, the Quadro 4002 offers a simplistic and minimalistic touch to your interior design, not complicating things too much. It comes in different color variations namely white silk, grey ash, and matte black. You can choose which color best fits your home’s interior. The Quadro 4002 is also available in both bypass and double barn door types.

5.  Sete 6933


  •       White silk theme
  •       Opaque glass
  •       Silver finish

The Sete 6933 is a total game changer if you’re on the hunt for a full glass barn door to bring into your home. It has a full white silk glass body with a silver finish on top of it. Available in both bypass and double door variations, the Sete 6933 has a unique tri-rectangular design on its main body. Since the glass is opaque, you can have the barn door installed anywhere in your house. Whether you for the bedroom or the closet, rest assured it will make the entire place glow, thanks to its sophisticated design.

6.  Planum 2102


  •       Premium quality glass barn door
  •       Frosted glass
  •       Simplistic French design

Looking for a glass barn door with no panels? The Planum 2102 might be of your interest. This French-style barn door has a frosted glass of the highest quality that is ideal for hanging in any room of your house. With an opaque glass shade, you can expect the Planum 2102 to shed some of the light through and make the entire room glimmer. The best part is that this glass barn door is available in several different colors including honey ash, ginger ash, chocolate ash, matte black, and white silk. Note that these colors are rare in glass barn doors, so you get more themes to choose from with the Planum.

7.  Mela 7222


  •       White silk body
  •       4-lites frosted glass
  •       Double panel line design

The Mela 7222 is also included in our list of best glass barn doors. It comes in a white silk color along with silver/black finish rail. Thanks to its smooth and silky opaque glass surface, this glass barn door can be a perfect complement to your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom. It also has a sleek line design on its glass. You can see two panels separated by a brighter line that surrounds the frame. This glass barn door would make even the dullest room spark with its visually-pleasing display of snow-white beauty.

8.  Lucia 22


  •       Half-glass half-wooden body
  •       White silk/Black matte color
  •       Best for homes with toddlers

We all know that glass barn doors are delicate and require a tad bit of extra attention when it comes to maintenance, which is why having toddlers around them wouldn’t be the brightest idea. The Lucia 22 solves the problem of your kids marking scratches on your precious glass barn door thanks to its half-glass half-wooden body. With the glass being out of the reach of your toddler, rest assured that you won’t be worrying about it being cracked or scratched by your little ones. By the way, the Lucia 22 comes in both white silk and black matte as well as bypass and double door variations.

9.  Felicia 3312


  •       Frosted glass
  •       Solid pinewood body
  •       12-lites design

Tired of keeping things minimalistic? We agree that having plain simple designs on glass barn doors can get boring. The Felicia 3312 is unlike those picks. Thanks to its 12-lite design, it really brings something different to the table. The frosted glass has twelve sections on the door. Not only that, the Felicia 3312 has a solid pinewood body. Note that pinewood is one of the best materials for barn doors out there. Lastly, the door comes in ginger ash and white silk colors. If you’re looking for a darker color and clearer glass, keep on reading because the next pick is for you!

10.  Felicia 3355


  •       Crystal clear glass
  •       Solid pinewood body
  •       12-lites design

The Felicia 3355 is quite similar to the 3312 model, but it gives you clear glass and darker color themes to choose from. As for its body, it has a pinewood frame that is highly resistant to scratches and stains. The Felicia 3355 comes in both matte black and matte white colors. With its crystal-clear glass, you can have the glass barn door installed in a place where privacy isn’t your highest concern but style is. The Felicia 3355 can complement your interior décor in countless ways thanks to its traditional European 12-lites design and beautiful style.

Things to Remember When Buying a Glass Barn Door

  • Be careful when installing
Glass barn doors can be heavy because well, they have glass on them. And not just any glass, by the way, we’re talking about glass that is strong enough to not break into tiny small pieces when damaged. Holding the door up in its place can be a hurdle. So, make sure you have two pairs of hands before you install your glass barn door. 
  • Choose safety over style

Whenever looking for a glass barn door, the key is to NOT compromise safety over style. Most glass barn doors are stylish anyways, so you don’t have to worry about them being unfit for your home. Instead, see if the type of glass is safe and what happens if it faces pressure. Also, don’t forget to buy quality hardware to keep your door sliding smoothly.

  • Invest in a sturdy frame

Remember, the frame that holds the glass of your barn door in its place is just as important as the rest of the body. If the frame deteriorates with time, the glass would be affected too. Ensure you’re opting for a reliable frame for your glass barn door.

The Bottom Line

Buying a glass barn door can be a complicated decision, but not for you since we’ve provided a list of some of the best products out there. All you have to do now is head on down to our website and make the move. Barndoorsforsale is ready to serve you!