Sete 6222

Best Double Barn Doors for 2022

Sete 6222 Barn door

Double barn doors are the perfect solution when you’re short on space and have a wide doorway to cover. These barn doors come in different colors, textures, and materials. Deciding which one to go for can be tricky if you haven’t purchased one before. Although barn doors in general only require a few things to look out for such as barn door hardware, you can end up with a wrong pick in some cases. So, in this article, we’ve carefully chosen the ten best double sliding barn doors to simplify the task of choosing a double barn door for you.

Lucia 2552


  • Designed from eco-friendly materials
  • Matte black color
  • Scratch and stain-resistant frosted glass panels

A frosted glass of ¼” thickness and wooden matte black frame make this barn door the perfect choice for minimalistic interior decor. Made with solid pine wood, the door stands the test of time, displaying incredible resistance to mechanical stress and harsh chemicals. The frosted glass creates a private space while still allowing some light to pass through, giving your room a more spacious look. The highly functional accessory comes with heavy-duty hardware, including steel rail with predrilled holes, door stops, hangers with wheels, mounting screws, and floor guides.

Planum 2102 


  • Honey, Ginger, Chocolate ash, Silk White, and Matte black colors
  • Frosted glass 
  • Fully finished door with a sophisticated look

With opaque glass, soft opening, and smooth finishing, this barn door exceptionally complements modern spaces. Since the door is 1 3/4” thick, it allows for up to 30% sound accentuation as compared to traditional doors. Featuring an eco-veneer coating and wooden edges, the contemporary door is compatible with various heights and widths. You can either install it using the included hardware options or add a unique framing to suit your distinct style. 

Quadro 4111


  • Full solid body minimizes noise between rooms
  • Grey ash and White Silk colors
  • An effortless glide mechanism for swift opening

Stained in a grey ash/silk white color, the barn door features a powdered coated carbon steel rail, giving it a modern flair. The sturdy and durable door is crafted from solid MDF; thus, it’s immune to cracking and deformation. Moreover, the neutral colors make it a trendy solution for wide entrances to living rooms, outdoor spaces, and closets. The door offers a variety of sizes and styles, so you could pick the one that provides full coverage to your doorway.

Sete 6900


  • White finishing for an elegant appearance
  • Built from premium engineered wood for a long-lasting operation
  • Frosted glass embedded in body

A pair of white barn doors make rooms bright and roomy, thus creating a relaxing indoor environment. The 1 1/12” thick doors imitate a painted surface, making it an ideal addition to entryways for closets and bathrooms. Besides, their propylene construction promotes a healthy climate for kids in the house. The door is free of holes and grooves and includes the following hardware:

  • Steel rails
  • Door stops
  • Floor guide
  • All mounting screws
  • Hangers with wheels

Mela 7222


  • White silk body
  • Classic, velvety appearance
  • 4-lites frosted glass design

Suitable for wider entryways, these double doors feature a chic design that not only saves space but also offers a long-lasting function. Due to its outstanding resistance to strong chemicals, you wouldn’t have to worry about stains and scratches. Additionally, multiple finish options for frames allow you to pick a door that matches your style. The doors come with compatible hardware that makes installation super-easy. 

Lucia 31


  • 3-panel barn door
  • Matte white body
  • Black rail

The Lucia 31 is a double barn door that comes with a simplistic 3-panel design and pinewood body. Developed by SartoDoors, this double barn door would fit best anywhere in your house. Thanks to its matte white body, the Lucia 31 would compliment almost any existing theme in your interior design. Not to mention the strong yet light pinewood body designed to endure and withstand for a lifetime. On top of your dreamy white double barn door will be a shiny black rail on which the door will slide, which is enough of luxury itself. 

Sete 6933


  • Silk white color
  • Black/silver finish rail
  • Frosted glass

Never be hesitant in going a bit extra when choosing a stylish barn door, because the addition of glass can truly make your house glow - literally. One of our most-loved pieces is the Sete 6933. It is a silk white barn door that comes with frosted glass designed to bring the epitome of elegance to the table. The Sete 6933 has a gradient-based display that moves from grey to silk white in three panels. The cherry on top of the cake is the rail that comes in both silver and black finish.

Felicia 3355


  • 12-lite design
  • Matte black/white color
  • Clear glass

We hope you’re not tired of double glass barn doors yet because this one is truly a game changer. The Felicia 3355 brings something unique to the table, thanks to its 12-lite design that is held into place by a firm solid wood frame. Ideal for being placed in living rooms, dining rooms, and guestrooms, the Felicia 3355 has crystal clear glass that has 12 panels in total. Overall, the barn door has a traditional look and doesn’t come in colors other than black and white. If keeping things old-fashioned is your way, then look no further than the Felicia 3355.

Pinewood unfinished double barn door


  • 100% pure pinewood
  • Can be custom painted 
  • 50 lbs durable body

If you’re a DIY type of person, keep on reading because this pick is especially for you. Here at, we bring you our unfinished double barn door made from natural pinewood designed to endure for a lifetime. Not only that, you can paint the barn door as per your choice, since it has an unfinished wooden body. So, you can grab some paint and make this a fun DIY project with your loved ones. The unfinished double barn door comes with a complete installation hardware kit along with pre-drilled holes to make the procedure easier for you.

Quadro 4113


  • Frosted glass
  • Modernistic design
  • Solid MDF body

Our Quadro 4113 is another pick worth considering. It is a double barn door that has a solid MDF body and four panels of frosted glass designed to let some light rays through. This European work of art is available in grey ash and silk white colors and goes pretty much anywhere in the house. Other variants of Quadro offer a similar design but this one made it to our list because of its beautiful frosted glass edition. So, if you’re willing to see some work of crystal done on your double barn door, consider Quadro 4113.

What to Look for in a Double Barn Door?

Generally speaking, a double barn door doesn’t have many different factors to look out for than single barn doors. However, keeping the following in mind while you hunt for the right pick can surely benefit you with the purchase:

  • Strong mount
  • Since double barn doors consist of two separate doors that hang on the rack, the mounting hardware must be strong enough to hold both of them in place. Folks often end up compromising on the hardware while opting for cheaper solutions, but that shouldn’t be the way to go.

  • Solid-body
  • A hollow body is not as durable as a solid body. The barn door you’re looking for should have a solid body that will last much longer and be resistant to wear and tear. Choosing the right material is just as important because you don’t want to end up with too heavy and strong or too light and weak material. Pinewood is definitely recommended for barn doors because it boasts the best of both worlds.

  • A bit of glass
  • A little bit of glass doesn’t hurt, does it? Because it sure does bring a lot of style and elegance to your house. if a full glass barn door isn’t your preference, consider going for one that has a bit of glass embedded into the frame. It will greatly enhance the overall look of your double barn door. You can check out our list of best glass barn doors here.

  • Don’t hesitate to go for an unfinished barn door
  • Modern barn door designs are minimalistic and often come in plain simple colors. Although these types are widely accepted usually, there’s nothing wrong with stepping back and opting for an unfinished piece. You can paint it according to your existing interior décor theme. Let’s face it, silk white and matte black can get boring at times!


    Double barn doors are not going out of style anytime soon, so it would be wise to go for one while you still can. You can refer to our list above and see which model best suits your preferences.