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Benefits of French Barn Doors


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French Barn Doors are mostly like double barn doors with an added touch of elegance and aesthetics. The modern door utilizes glazed door frames encompassing glass panels with aluminium rails. For the most part, they add style and functionality to the room as they only need to be slid open and close, allowing sunlight to enter. They are not meant to be put just in your interiors of the house, but can also be added to the exteriors; this again ensures your house gets a taste of a rustic and classic feel. All in all, French barn doors make your space look extraordinarily charming. 


How will French barn doors benefit you?

French barn doors are known for their attractiveness and enchanting design; and aid in adding value to your home. They are perfect for small spaces where opening and closing a door may prove to be a hassle over simply sliding a door. Moreover, they contribute to the natural flow of separation, yet openness, between one area and another. To be fair, they’re more than what they attract to the eye visually and have numerous practical advantages as to why you should invest in French style barn doors. 

1. Allow you to save space

French style barn doors only need to slide to function; therefore, making them the perfect pick for compact spaces. They are practically stuck, flat against the wall, and don’t swing to provide their functionality like the rest of the doors, raising your home’s spacing quality. When doors have to be swung open, they need room to do their jobs without clogging the space or even causing damage to the walkway. Realistically, keeping aside the beautifying aesthetics, traditional doors are hence, not the best fit for small homes and apartments. 

2. They do not jeopardize your security 

Popular opinion has it that French barn doors aren’t secure enough and jeopardize a house’s security due to their glass panels and sliding nature. However, that is certainly not the case, as such doors are just as secure as all others. Surprisingly enough, French style barn doors have security locks that you can get installed as per your usage, giving you the sense of ease and comfort you need for your safety. For added protection, full adjustable hinge systems can also be an added plus. All of this can be customized just for your needs. With having said that, it is safe to say that your French barn doors are as safe as any other door in your house. 

3. They make your home look stylish 

One of the biggest reasons contributing to French style barn doors’ popularity is their stylish features. The idea behind the doors themselves is pleasing enough, and if you further enhance it to fit your aesthetic, it could be the next best thing in your house. Mainly known for their “shabby chic” style, such doors have an element of rustic décor. This component allows them to be incorporated into areas with wooden, metal, and chalk paint furniture to create a look of a ‘barn’ as suggested by the name. 

Nonetheless, it is important to know that French barn doors are not adjustable only in the above-mentioned interior design. Quadro 4002 is the perfect example of that as it integrates a dark shade with a veneer finish, which is ideal for contemporary and minimal-styled homes. No matter what your aesthetic is, these doors can then be adjusted accordingly. You can always choose between an accent look with natural wood doors or a clean and chic profile. They come in a variety of patterns, layouts, and finishes to speak to you in a different light. 

4. Can be placed anywhere 

French barn doors have the capacity to be ideally placed anywhere in your house. Their construction with glass allows them to fit in almost all spaces providing light everywhere. The best part of these doors is that they provide separation between the two zones without blocking any light, flow, and visual field. Typically, these doors are installed between a living room and an office space to let people working from home stay connected to their forts as well as to their work simultaneously. Similarly, other places where you could install French style barn doors are between your living room and children’s play area or a music room. Installing them in places like these achieves a minimalistic look and permits you to keep an eye out for your children or valuables in both cases. 

5. Provide an active airflow 

Rather than separating your patio and living room with panels of glass windows, you can choose to install double barn doors. Picking these doors will be beneficial on days with good weather since you’ll be able to open the doors to the patio without taking up too much space. French barn doors look similar to windows, so they still let you enjoy the outside from the inside, while also letting fresh air come in on good days. Breathing fresh air now and then is not only good for you, but it also adds life to your living space, freshening up every corner of your house. 

6. Can be easily installed 

Traditional doors are normally a hassle to install as they require precise measurements. In addition to that, they often need a change of door frames to perfectly fit and make their way into pre-cut doorways. However, such is not the case with French barn doors. In fact, the latter can easily be replaced in place of traditional doors. The key to installing French style barn doors is installing the barn door hardware. With a little knowledge of hardware, you can get that going yourself. Once the hardware is put where it belongs, it’s an easy process from then onwards. Crossing the hardware-installation bridge is all that you need to easily replace barn doors again in the future by yourself. 

7. They increase your house’s value

French barn doors are a great addition to your home, thereby increasing the price of your house. This iconic addition lures potential buyers, making it the sole reason why some buyers may end up sealing the deal after all. This added value will set your house apart from all others, and grant you improved equity. 

8. They are durable 

Contrary to popular belief, French barn doors are durable despite them operating with glass panels. Modern-day barn doors have enhanced security and come with high-protection-grade glass to ensure effectiveness in functionality. Their durability is also one of the reasons why they provide comfort and style to homeowners. 

What can a French barn door be used for? 

French style barn doors are versatile and can be used almost anywhere to provide your space the beauty it deserves. You can install these doors in your closet, bathroom, and bedroom doorways without a doubt. They can also be applied as the perfect barrier between your patio and living room, or just between your living room and dining room, amongst numerous other spots. Whether you choose Lucia 2552 or Lucia 2555 from our collection, you can never go wrong with them! 

How much will a French style barn door cost you? 

As mentioned earlier, French barn doors are more or less like regular double barn doors, so the cost is also similar to theirs. However, the cost varies with the type of glass installed in each of the doors, creating a vast price range of $600 to $1700 here at Even though you can install French barn doors yourself, it is still a tedious task, and hiring a professional for that is recommended. Installation prices, therefore, are separate and are not included in this price range. 

Where to get French barn glass doors from? 

Now that you know why adding French barn doors is a flawless idea, it’s time we let you in on our store, Over here, we promise you the highest-quality barn doors with a massive collection to choose from. Whether you want a clear glass or frosted glass, wooden frames, or veneer finish, we have your back! We strive to give you what you need so make sure you take a look at our offers. 

One of our top favorite French barn doors is the classic Lucia 2552. It attracts a large number of people because of its elegance and simplicity, and we’re sure you’ll like it too. All you need to do is take time out from your busy schedule and go through our catalog to pick your favorite! 


People often assume that the only benefit French barn doors provide is their beauty. While that is true, there’s also more to them than their visual appeal. They are resourceful and robust, making them more practical to buy. French style doors also bring in more value in the long run, making it worth every penny you spend on them today. Therefore, the bottom line is that these doors are a great deal with only perks for you and your room.