A Guide to Home Styling with Mirror Barn Door

A Guide to Home Styling with Mirror Barn Door

There are some additions in our house that purely serve as an aesthetic delight, and then there are other elements that we categorize as only utilitarian assets. Luckily, mirror barn doors feature a wonderfully versatile design, making them fulfill both purposes simultaneously. In addition to being functional as a mirror and a sliding door, they work as a piece of art, instantly adding a touch of glamour to a dimly lit or evidently dull space. 

Whether it’s installed in a small room or in spacious surroundings, a mirror barn door rightly fits distinct interior decor needs without ever feeling out of place. However, some thought must be put into placing mirrored barn doors correctly to give your home a seemingly natural look. Placing a mirror door might appear straightforward at first, but as one tries to double it as a decorative element, its placement in the home requires rigorous thinking, making it more of a challenge. 

Fortunately, for times like these, we have crafted this easy-to-read, detailed interior styling guide for homeowners willing to install a mirrored barn door anytime soon. Just give it a read and discover several different ways of decorating your home with a mirrored barn door.  

Benefits of Decorating Your Interiors with a Mirrored Barn Door

Installing a mirror barn door has a plethora of benefits than just creating an inviting entryway. With its remarkable ability to reflect more natural light into the room, it not only maximizes the illusion of space, adding dimension and atmosphere to the room, but it also provides easier access to wardrobes, patios, pantries, hallways, and adjoining rooms.

Besides, the mirrors on the wall have become slightly outdated. Previously, installing a mirror on the wall was the preferred choice of homeowners. However, with the advent of mirrored doors, interior decor dynamics have drastically shifted in modern times, with mirrored barn doors replacing traditional hinged doors and wall-mounted mirrors altogether. 

In addition to functionality, the timeless look it offers to your interiors is the very reason a barn door with a mirror deserves a place in your house. Hence, from reflecting grand architecture and greenery to designing an enticing doorway, the mirrored barn doors elevate the decorative appeal while functioning as a common access point. Still, much of its style statement depends on the positioning of the mirrored door. This is especially true for petite spaces where you are trying to draw more light to increase the sense of space. 

Thus, to help you select the right type of barn door mirror for your interiors, in this article, we have revealed some tricks of the trade used by interior designers to give any home a cheerful ambiance. 

Accent Spacious Entryways with Double Barn Doors with Mirror

Occupying a considerable wall space, a double barn door adds more than just light into the room. Essentially, it’s an easy and affordable way to bring visual intrigue and architectural details to your home. Suppose your drawing room features a rustic or traditional interior design. In that case, we recommend you install a white barn door with black metal finishing to offer a stark contrast to the antique styling. 

Moreover, put more effort into opting for a pretty frame that accentuates your home’s decor while proving to be a durable alternative to ordinary doors. For this, investing in solid MDF frames that will stand the test of time while adding a sophisticated appeal to your surroundings is always a compelling idea.

Additionally, if you are a bit too serious about your home styling, you can go bolder with your wall color to let enough light bounce around your space. Frost green, chocolate brown, fiery orange, deep blue, and teal are popular colors for drawing or living rooms with a bohemian or shabby chic touch. Nonetheless, if you are not fond of dramatic colors, you can utilize some neutral shades to incorporate a cosseting effect into your space. 

Lastly, if you are inspired by shows like Bridgeton and want to bring that regency class to your home, picking a full-sized mirrored barn door with intricate framing attributes is your best bet. For best results in creating an incredibly energetic and Hollywood glam space, you can add checkered flooring, metallic highlights, and imaged cabinetwork. Along with accentuating the newly added mirrored artwork, these timeless additions will give your entryway a moment of its own. 

 Add a Mirrored Barn Door to the Kitchen Cabinet or Pantry 

The pantry’s unintentional “messy” look can be put together by installing a mirrored barn door, partly because of the fashionable look it creates in a modern setting. The classic barn doors have garnered new-found popularity in recent times as they bring subtle modernity to your kitchen ruled by porcelain tiles, glass, and natural stones. 

One of the best barn door features that most homeowners adore its sliding mechanism that saves spaces while hiding a full-fledged pantry under its versatile panels. Besides, you can choose your new pantry door from plenty of variations based on the existing style of your kitchen. 

For example, for a mid-century or beach-style kitchen, Lucia 1299 silky white barn door will make the best option to retain the crispy and retro expressions of the homeowner. However, if your kitchen has a certain Mediterranean feel to it, then it would be best to invest in a reclaimed wood barn door. A wooden entryway will not only ornate the distressed interiors but will also prove to be a sensible installation in high-traffic kitchens. Still, if you are fond of seeking a refined visual impact in your pantry or kitchen, remember the mirrored variants look equally impressive in all settings. 

Those who do not have a separate pantry can still tap into the magnificence of mirrored barn doors by using them as doors for kitchen cabinets. While their installation may seem like too much artwork for cooking space, they can very well become the showstoppers of your modern abode. Furthermore, a barn door pantry is an undeniably cool option for storing your chinaware in style.

Consider Bypass Barn Doors for Closets

Take advantage of the charm that a mirrored barn door can add to various styles, including eclectic, contemporary, and Scandinavian bedrooms. The easiest and most convenient way of doing so is by replacing your old, outdated wardrobe doors with a bypass barn door with a mirrored finish. The replacement might seem a bit complex initially, but it has plenty of advantages. 

For example, a mirrored wardrobe door is a cure-all for teensy bedrooms since it boosts the sense of visual space. Moreover, it is super-affordable and comes in a reasonably simple frame, rendering your room with a diaphanous aura.

Needless to say, mirrored barn doors offer a seamless replacement for the traditional dressing mirror or a large mirror inside a walk-in closet, thus sufficing for two different functions at once. Bypass doors with mirrors also come in handy when homeowners do not want to replace their main bedroom door with one that is frosted or fogged. Hence to sustain their unique style statement, they benefit from a mirrored barn door as a closet door rather than as a doorway entrance. 

Once trendy in the 70’s and 80’s, reflective doors and finishes are making a comeback again, allowing the occupants to install these doors in spaces which feel starved of natural light. Bypass barn doors with mirrors will particularly fit your taste if you have a room with soft and opulent decor, with lovely cottage accents and rugged decorative elements. 

Finally, if you are one of those people who love appreciating their reflection in the mirror, then you will find the idea of a mirrored door more fascinating.

Use Mirrored Barn Doors to Separate Transitional Spaces from the Living Spaces

According to interior designers, mirrored doors are an apt alternative to expensive pictures, vintage throws, antique finishes, and a wall-mounted mirror. Keeping in sync with the design of your home and furniture, you need to choose a door slab with mirror glass that will ultimately lead to a unique outcome. 

Regardless of the color scheme, doors featuring neutral hues are an excellent place to start. Considering you will be using this mirrored door to delineate transitional spaces from the living ones, we recommend you get a door in a single hue, as it will definitely help in tying up the entire design. 

However, while installing a mirrored barn door in mudrooms, laundry, or other transitional spaces, make sure to realize what will be shown in the reflection of the mirror. Of course, no one would want to see a blank wall in the mirror every time they pass the hallway. Therefore, a phenomenal gallery wall of retro artwork or monochrome paintings hung across the wall will indeed extend the wow factor. 


Whether your home features an urban setting or emphasizes rustic elements, the beautiful craftwork that goes into making mirrored barn doors will always serve as an aesthetic reminiscent of the most popular interior designs to exist over the years. 

The varying styles of barn doors with mirrors are what make them unique and multipurpose. All in all, they are timeless pieces, duly morphing with different interior decor to create fresh, unique, and luxurious surroundings.